Boating at Arthur Lake

# Lake Arthur is characterized by calm, cool waters and warm summer winds that make it an ideal place for boating. Taking advantage of these exceptional elements of the ecosystem, We offers our guests the unique opportunity to explore the waterways together with a companion during lakeside camping at bhandardara.

# What a great way to enjoy Bhandardara Lake.  A trip to Bhandardara is incomplete without a boat ride on the serene Bhandardara Lake. You can choose to board a row boat or a motorboat. We offer Arthur Lake Boating for your guests or clients. 

# Feel the cool wind in your face as you sail to the middle of this emerald green lake and take in a breathtaking panoramic view of the rolling hills. There is something about boating on Bhandardara Lake, it surpasses most boating experiences! With the deep green waters beneath you, and surrounded by undulating slopes, far away from the bustle of The Mall, you will feel a sense of peace and desolation. Along the way, let the boatman fill you in with some interesting folklores associated with the lake.

# Please keep note We and our venders will try our best to taking care of you during boating by providing life jackets etc.and riders have to follow all the instrution by guide during boating. Still Boating wiill be rovided on the rider risk only. Please follow the guide intsructions strictly during boating.

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